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Re-home an Adult Dachshund- we could help!

Perhaps getting a puppy, starting all over again and having to think about all the considerations that having a new dog brings are just not for you. Perhaps you are looking for an older dog as a companion for yourself or for another dog in your family. There are lots of reasons for people preferring an adult dog rather than a puppy. 

Sometimes, we can be aware of an adult dog looking for a new home- a breeder needs to re-home one of their dogs, someones circumstances may have changed and they have no choice but to     re-home, we could be looking to re-home one of our girls too.....there are lots of reasons why an adult dog may be looking for a new home.... but common to every circumstance is YOU!

To take an adult dog looking for a new home is an incredibly special and brave thing to do. Your new companion will feel so many different emotions and the hardest part....they can't tell you. She or he will be insecure, confused, worried, lonely and even upset........Everything that they have ever known has been turned upside down and round about. You are just getting to know your wee friend and all of this takes time and patience......

Gaining the trust of your new friend will take time and a very special person who is able to undertake such a task. From our point of view, as breeders and as people who are connected to other breeders and dog owners, I'd go as far as to say that there is even more scrutiny of the person looking to take your dog from you. I can say with complete honesty and conviction that giving up any dog is one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do....it isn't just a dog, it's a member of your family, a listening ear, a cuddle companion....your house isn't a home without them!!!

If you think you've got what it takes to re-home a delightful daxie....then get in touch using our contact page. If we know of any sausage friends looking for a new home we will let you know and we'll save your information too, so that we can get in touch further down the line should a dachshund become available....all of our re-home girls cost £500.00

Ina was re-homed with a wonderful family who were a perfect fit for her....she gets so much attention and is very, very spoiled in her new home. It makes it so much easier to know that she is the centre of their world and now trusts and loves her new family as much they do her!
She still gets her cup of tea in the morning and more belly rubs than she could ever hope for!! Both old and new families keep in touch to learn from and share news with each other.

Thank-you to you Margot.....Ina has a fantastic family!!
 Aggie was re-homed last year to a lovely family down South. They keep in touch regularly and provide us with updates and pictures which is just lovely. We do miss them very, very much and getting regular updates means the world.......Read Aggies story below....she was a really special girl to us!!!!

 "Aggie is Effie's first daughter. She is a mini smooth red- her coat is a deep mahogany red and she is simply stunning. She is a real mix between her mum and dad- she has inherited a love for fetching from her Dad and has her mum's "love me" eyes. She has a very gentle temperament and is a little cautious of new or different situations. Aggie loves to burrow under the covers for a cuddle in- the warmer and cosier, the better. She absolutely hates going out in the rain - her pleading eyes and her pitiful walk towards the door say it all! Surprisingly, she does love to be out for long walks and becomes very excited when the leads appear alongside the wellies! She has also inherited her mother's deep, odd bark which she usually tests out on Buzz, the Springer Spaniel who lives next door."
Maisy has since been re-homed to a smashing family not too far from us.......She has settled in brilliantly and is now enjoying one on one atttention....lots of cuddles...walks and treats. Thak you John and Lysey for giving Maisy a great new family! Read her wee story below.....
"Maisy is a shaded red girl. She is constantly active and enjoys 'playing' with the younger girls to use up her boundless energy; I'm sure she's actually a wippet in dachshund clothing. Maisy is a very slight and small dachshund and is the most nervous and cautious of all our girls. She, unlike our other girls, needs time to 'size up' anyone new from a safe distance- usually from behind my leg! She is also a 'pretender to the throne' and from time to time will challenge Effie- she may try to take a toy or chew away from her but Effie will take it back without fuss. Maisy is really just an insecure little lady and enjoys nothing more than attention and praise, especially from me. She will come up beside me on the sofa and find her spot by my side- once there, she remains curled up and settled and will very rarely move from that spot all night. Maisy is the most excited and animated participant in every outdoor activity- from being outside in the garden to going on a three mile hike through a forest. She is a very loving, affectionate little girl and it is impossible to resist her ever wagging little tail or sad little eyes- everything about Maisy says " please just love me. I'll be really good, I promise.i just need to be beside you so that I know you love me." She's a wee poppit and always seems so grateful for any attention. Maisy has been mum to three litters and was very attentive, protective and loving. She is always interested in and caring of any of our other girls' puppies too- she was more than happy to take over mum duties whoever the opportunity arose! "