Puppy Page
               Thinking of buying one of our puppies?

We'd expect you will have thought long and hard about getting a dog. It is a huge responsibility and changes your life- for the better! No doubt, you will have found out about the breed traits, it's exercise needs, if it's easy to train, does it interact well with children? Miniature Smooth Dachshunds tick every box! But I would say that!

The Kennel Club website will show if there are any litters. There are not very many breeders in Scotland. You may decide to contact breeders listed just in case they have puppies available. You might have tried other avenues because you are just desperate to have one and it's starting to feel that you'll never get one! Dachshunds are like gold dust! If you have searched more widely on the Internet, you will come across listings on Gumtree, Pet Planet etc. I
stronly advise you to stay well clear. Often these puppies are listed for less money, they look alright and some might even be KC registered. If something looks too good to be true then it usually is! Puppy 'farming' is very much a real problem and is becoming more and more sofisticated. Engage with breeders that you can trust, preferably visit and don't be afraid to grill them!

If you decide to contact us we will probably ask each other questions and during our chat we will be more than happy to provide any information you are looking for, or assistance in finding the right dog for you.

Assuming this initial contact 'feels right', then I may suggest that you come along to meet us and our herd of dachshunds! Or, I may suggest sending you some further information by email. If we both feel satisfied, comfortable and confident about each other and want to help each other toward a mutually beneficial conclusion, then the process and friendship to make it all happen begins. Every breeder will have their own process. Some may have none, we are all different and that's why it's important to visit more than one too. What's right for one person may not be right for another.

To secure your puppy from us:

You need to decide what kind of miniature Dachshund you want. We breed red, shaded red, Black and Tan, Brindle and Chocolate and Tan. You also need to decide on the sex you prefer. 

 We need to be patient, understanding and trusting of each other.

 You will need to join our waiting lists- it might be long or short. It depends when you join. I will be very clear about your place on the list and estimate when the girl we will breed from may fall pregnant.

To join the list you must first place a non- refundable deposit of £100.00 which is taken off the final balance payable for your puppy. A deposit demonstrates commitment by you and from us. All of our dogs are priced at £1500. Any and all payments made and received will be recorded and receipted.

 You will need to provide the following information about yourself- your full name, the name to be used as registered owner of the puppy, address, postcode, home and/or mobile phone number, email address. This information is necessary to set up 5 weeks free insurance with the Kennel Club when you collect your puppy.

I will use your contact information to let you know when our girl becomes a mum to be and her estimated date for whelping. (between 60-63 days)

I will inform you ASAP when mum has delivered her puppies and will give you news about mum and babies: the litter size, sexes of the pups, condition of mum and pups etc.

 I will begin to email regular updates about the puppies progress and will also send you regular photos and video as they grow and change. I will ask you to think about and determine what name your puppy will be given and I will register your puppy using my Kennel Club name/prefix "Croftwester" and the name you choose.

 If possible, depending on your journey time, you should try to visit us to catch up and to see the puppies and mum- from 3 weeks onward.

Choosing a particular puppy to own will be done fairly using place on the waiting list. E.g. First on the list will have first choice of puppy.

We will arrange a mutually convenient day and time for you to take your puppy home- between 8 to 10 weeks old.The exact time will be led by how well the puppy is doing and if fully weaned from mum.

I will plan to have your puppy vaccinated a day or so before you come to take him or her home. All puppies are now required by law to be microchipped by 8 weeks. There will be an additional cost of £15.00 for your puppy.

 On collection day: I will explain and go through the contents of your "Puppy Pack" with you. Don't worry, you will have every opportunity to ask questions and feel reassured before you take your wee sausage home!  

Your final payment must be made either through bank transfer or in cash- we will not accept a cheques.

We will go over our contract of sale together to insure both parties have a clear understanding of its content terms.

Please make sure you have prepared for your car journey home with a puppy. You may need a travel carrier, bedding, access to water, a planned stop.

Lastly, if you can spare some time, please send us your feedback- good or bad. Nothing and no-one is perfect-we learn through our mistakes. We will share your testimonials on our website. We will include a feedback 'form' in your puppy pack.
Available Puppies?
From time to time we may have puppies still available.  
It is very unusual for us to have puppies still available from a planned litter. This happens very rarely and is usually the result of unexpected and exceptional circumstances. Our puppies are secured in advance- we have a waiting list in place for each planned litter. 

We may have remaining spaces on particular waiting lists. Please do contact us and tell us what kind of dachshund you are looking for and when you'd ideally want your puppy. We will try our very best to help you or put you in touch with someone trustworthy who can. 

Our contact page will give you all the necessary information you need should you wish to reserve a puppy from our planned litters. 

                  Raising happy puppies....

For the last 3 weeks of pregnancy, our expectant 'Mum to be' will begin to feel different and will need more reassurance and attention than usual. She enjoys alone time with us and looks for time away from the other dogs. She is starting to become more uncomfortable as she gets bigger and needs some dachshund TLC from her 'mum'. She completely takes over our nighttime routine- our pregnant DIVA now sleeps with us in our bedroom. 

Dachshunds just love attention, company and comfort- generally they just love being spoiled! It does work well though towards the end of their pregnancy as they can and do need to be alone in a calm, quiet setting. This continues to be necessary and important so that they can care for their new litter, without the anxiety or worry of having the other dogs or people around. When we feel more reassured that mum is coping and is more confident, we usually move her and her new family to a quiet room downstairs- this helps her feel close to us as she can hear the normal sounds of daily life going on on the other side of the door.

During these first weeks I spend the majority of my day in this room with Mum and pups, nipping in and out to tend to the rest of our Daxie herd. Occasionally, I may find the time to do some household chores: a bit of cleaning, washing, ironing or cooking! However, tending to the new puppies and mum must take priority! 

Once the puppies are just over 3 weeks old we move them and Mum into a large puppy pen in the kitchen- the other dogs are here too.This is an important stage of a puppy's development as it's here and from this point on, that they begin to learn more about 'life'. They start to become more aware of their surroundings and experience all the sights, sounds and smells of home life - the vacuum cleaner, washing machine, tumble dryer, kettle, music, singing, laughing, different voices. It's also important that puppies are picked up, handled and touched every single day from very early on in their life. We handle the puppies daily from birth- this doesn't cause mum stress or anxiety since she trusts each one of us completely. Occasionally, people less known to mum will see them but only if she allows. Naturally, mum is very protective of her babies and may become anxious if she is uncertain about who has come to see them. When the puppies and mum move into the kitchen, we encourage as varied a social interaction as possible. There are children of all ages close to us and they love to visit if we have puppies. While there to supervise, we support them individually to hold the puppies on their laps and use quiet, calm voices to 'talk' to the puppies and dogs. Not surprisingly, this interaction is beneficial to both the children and the puppies. Puppies grow quickly into dogs and this experience early on supports their social skills- their confidence and trust of others is getting stronger, and if continued in their new homes, will help them interact with adults and children young or old both positively and successfully.

We start to wean the puppies onto solids (Royal Canin Mother And Baby dried food) at between 3 and 4 weeks old and we also introduce a toilet area to the pen at this point too. There are a variety of products to use: puppy pads, newspaper, etc. I've even used a cat litter tray with natural wood chips- this is a particular favourite for prospective new owners who don't have immediate access to the outdoors.
At around 5 weeks we allow the pups some short and supervised time with the other dogs. This would usually take place in the evening-we take the puppies through into the living room to run freely up and down, and then let them play with the others for a few minutes at a time. As the days go on, the time spent together increases and by 7 weeks old, the puppies spend most of their day outwith their pen and in the kitchen, mixing with the other girls and learning from them - another very important part of their of development.

By the time our puppies are ready to leave us, between 8 and 10 weeks old, they have met and been handled by many new faces, been out for a few journeys in the car, played in the garden, heard traffic passing and had their first visit to the vets for their health check. They leave us having had their first vaccinations, will be micro-chipped (Pet Log) and will be wormed and pest treated.

Finding the best home for our pups is always our highest priority. We expect many questions from new owners - it's great to know that folks feel comfortable and confident to ask any question that's important to them. Everyone, if possible, will have visited us as their puppy grows before final collection day- usually from 3 weeks old. We aim to get to know each other and form a relationship based on trust and openness- it is our hope that we become friends! When our puppies do eventually leave us for their new homes, we offer ongoing support and advice whenever it's needed.

When you buy a puppy from us, we welcome you into an extended Dachshund family. We try to keep in touch with all our puppy's families. Supporting our puppy owners is something that we pride ourselves on, and since we began breeding, we have been paying close attention to the questions that have arisen from our new owners, before and after their new puppy has arrived home with them - what they have struggled with, dilemmas that have cropped up, and where reasssurance has been needed. A new puppy is a big responsibility, and we know that our new owners want to make sure they are doing everything correctly.To that end, we have used all our experience to develop a 'puppy pack'. We go through all of the information in the pack together when you collect your new girl or boy and share with you the basics of caring for your puppy, from cleaning ears to cutting nails. We will also discuss nutrition, give hints and tips on general topics, and answer any questions you may have. We willl be available at any other time, via phone, text or email for anything you may need help with: 

  All of our puppies leave us with: 
  1. Kennel Club Registration documents.
  2. A five generation Pedigree Certificate.
  3. Extensive puppy care information: diet and nutrition, vaccinations, worming, exercise, training, socialisation plan, toilet training advice.
  4. Contract between ourselves and the new owner providing protection for both.
  5. 5 weeks free pet insurance with the Kennel Club
  6. Food supply- Royal Canin mother and baby food with clear directions on use.
  7. First vaccinations record and the date to follow up with your own vet as well as micro=chip information and details of how to transfer from us to you.
  8. Treatment for worming and treatment against fleas & ticks as well as a plan for continuing care.
  9. A Vet health check
  10. A blanket (smelling of their litter mates and our girls)
  11. Chew sticks for teething.
  12. Push and pull toy for you and your puppy to play together.
  13. A photograph taken on the day your puppy was born with mum and siblings.
  14. Our business card- with contact details for any and all eventualities!